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You are management

More than just the title of a book

door Stad Antwerpen

You are management / Jij bent het management werd bekroond met de Europese HR Excellence Award in de categorie ‘Knowledge management: learning and development’. Het Engelstalige boekje is gebaseerd op de oorspronkelijke Jij bent het management-uitgaven en zorgt mee voor kennisdeling met andere (overheids)organisaties over de landsgrenzen heen.

Since 2011 the city of Antwerp connects with its middle management through this yearly event. This resulted in the publication of two books that served as a source of inspiration for managers inside and outside of our organization.

In response to the nomination of this project an English translation of those books was made in the form of a booklet: You are management: more than just the title of a book

The booklet’s main subject is: ‘How do you interact with your middle management?’. It can be seen as a short summary of the different ‘You are management’- courses that took place between 2011 and 2017, in which senior managers of the city of Antwerp committed themselves to inspire their middle management. This approach was met with lots of enthusiasm and support from the more than 800 managers who participated in one of the events.

contact: you_are_management@stad.antwerpen.be 


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You are management
Auteur(s): Stad Antwerpen
ISBN: 978-2-509-02961-4
Formaat: 20,5 x 20,5 cm
Aantal pagina’s: 36

Over de auteur(s)

Roel Verhaert (CEO of the city of Antwerp), Goele Haest (HR company director) 

Contact: you_are_management@stad.antwerpen.be  

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